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Consulting & sales of used machinery

There are many good reasons for purchasing used machinery. The most obvious is without doubt the advantage in terms of price, as used machinery generally only costs a fraction of the sales price of new plant.

However, in addition to the price, short-term availability plays an even greater role for many businesses. In particular, where unexpected additional orders or seasonal products are involved which cannot be produced with existing capacities, used machinery frequently offers the only opportunity to adapt production rapidly and flexibly.

A further scope of application for used plant is in the area of product development. Before considering the major investment involved in ordering new machinery, test equipment can be acquired at short notice and favourable rates on the used machinery market for trials with new products.

Sudden machine breakdowns, downtimes for necessary repairs or long delivery periods for new equipment can also be bridged by employing used technology to maintain production at the required levels.

We maintain stocks of over 300 used machines and plant at all times for the bakery and confectionery trade in a warehouse facility covering more than 2,400 m² at our company headquarters in Rottenburg, Germany. This frequently enables us to provide a suitable machine immediately in particularly urgent cases.

We are especially adept at exploiting our strengths to address special requirements and tasks. Do you wish to manufacture a special product, but possibly have only limited space or need assistance with the configuration of machinery to expand your existing plant? We will be glad to offer you advice that takes your individual requirements into consideration, and we will help you choose the equipment best suited to your needs. We regard ourselves as a service provider that, in addition to being a sales agent, also primarily aims to be a problem solver and reliable consultation partner for its customers.

Our staff are at your service from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm, daily doing their utmost to address your concerns and ensure your complete satisfaction.