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Warehousing & Goods Handling

For larger customers operating nationwide in particular, we provide special services relating to bakery technology. We provide reliable process-oriented exchange, delivery and collection services on schedule all over Germany.

For example, production plant which is only used on a seasonal basis can be returned, cleaned, serviced and stored in the period in which it is not required. The advantages are obvious. Space which is otherwise blocked during the year is freed, the long-term usability and service life of equipment is enhanced and the functionality of plant assured at the beginning of the season.

Outsourcing storage does not represent a disadvantage for our customers. Two main warehouses in Northern and Southern Germany mean that goods are close enough to the customer to ensure rapid availability, even in cases where short-term requirements arise.

In addition, we offer additional services in the area of shop fittings and accessories in the direct catchment area of our warehouses in the German states of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. We would be happy to explain to you personally what we can do for you.

Furthermore, our comprehensive portfolio also includes services and logistics specially tailored to suit machine manufacturers and producers of plant and equipment. When it comes to achieving considerable cost savings, we can provide you with support through individual concepts and strategic outsourcing.