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Evaluation & purchase of used machinery

In addition to rational production, nothing is more important in the highly competitive bakery trade than the ability to deliver a superior quality product at all times, an essential requirement in ensuring that new challenges can be mastered every day. To ensure this, it is even necessary to be able to replace machinery during its life cycle in both large and small production facilities if a change appears to be sensible in terms of structural and operational planning. Used plant which is often relatively new and now becomes available can then be placed on the market again and, as a result, contribute in part to the refinancing of investment costs incurred.

Moreover, many bakeries frequently have decommissioned and surplus machinery which, for a variety of reasons, is no longer used and can also be resold.

We are more than happy to evaluate your used plant with you and will make you a fair purchasing offer in line with market conditions - usually within 48 hours.

In addition, as expert appraisers and buyers, we also act on behalf of banks, leasing firms and insolvency administrators all over Germany where plant and machinery from insolvency cases or which are financed through third-party funding need to be evaluated.