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Disassembly & Movement

Qualified skilled personnel are essential for the dismantling and transportation of machinery and plant from operational production facilities. We collect purchased plant all over Europe and ship it to our warehouses in Northern and Southern Germany.

Our experienced technicians enable us to dismantle plant you no longer require at short notice in your business and then bring it to a new production location or, where necessary, store it in our warehouses until you require it again at a later stage. We take care of every detail in this respect, ranging from the organisation of suitable industrial forklifts and handling equipment to road transportation and any special vehicles required.

Plant and equipment frequently needs to be temporarily taken out of service in production, but with a view to it being later used again for your purposes. The background circumstances here often involve moves of premises, conversions or modifications in production facilities, the relocation of branches or the manufacture of different seasonal products.

We also provide a comprehensive service where businesses are being liquidated and wound up. We have the capability to dismantle and clear complete production locations. We leave the location tidy and clean swept after this to ensure that you as the client have as little to do as possible.